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A small extra to help Burmese grassroots into the new year

Our micro-grant program has finished end of last year, but one announcement is still overdue: The organization Freelance Media Forum has returned their grant after they eventually have had to confirm that an implementation of their project is not possible by end of December. Working conditions in Northeast India are not easy, especially if projects for refugees are made by refugees themselves.

In accordance with the program’s Terms and Conditions we have therefore re-distributed the funds to other grantees. We chose them with regards to the quality of their work and their reports and to their need of a one-time funding to bridge operation during the usual downtime of mainly state sponsored projects.

These are the recipients and the amounts:

Women’s Rights and Welfare Association of Burma: Rs.5,000
Grassroot Development Network: Rs.5,000
Yamuna Clinic: Rs.3,000
Falam Chin Women Development Society: Rs.3,000
Kachin Refugee Committee: Rs.2,000
Matu Herald News Group: Rs.2,000

Furthermore, our partner organization in India, Burma Centre Delhi, that has been coordinating the local activities there, has received from our project over Rs.3,000 for coordinating the distribution of this extra money, and to help them with increased costs for energy and rent.

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