Focus on Burma, on Journalism, and on NGOs

Focus on Burma 2010 - Zaotřeno na Barmu 2010Again, one big amount of work taking our days and nights has finally fallen off from our shoulders:

Focus on Burma 2010 is out!

You may notice that this issue contains only 28 pages (including the cover). A rigidly reduced budget for this year cannot pass unseen. The front page, however, has gained some colors while the inner block remains black and white.

More than thousand words is worth a table of contents. So here you go:

Independendent Burmese Journalism

Zarni Mann: Freedom of the Press Still a Mystery in Burma

Jaromír Marek: Where is the Burmese Media Heading?

Media and Activities for Burma

Tereza Blahoutová: The Presentation of Burmese Refugees in Czech Media

Christoph Amthor: Escaping Invisibility

Resettlement to the Czech Republic: Info Boxes

Facts and Figures About the Resettlement of Burmese Refugees

Activities and Support Provided by Burma Center Prague, o.p.s.

We are happy that this year we can again offer a bilingual issue, emphasizing our local positioning and global ambitions.

Please download your copy from this page.

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