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Microgrants 2011: Getting Ready for Relaunch

After the trip of two team members to India in July, we are now adapting the website for the new microgrants. While we still need some time to enter all the information, you can already check out the list of projects here. (Smaller editorial changes may occur here and there ;-) )

And, if you don’t know it yet: You can sign up for our special newsletter where we update you as soon as we relaunch the program and on the further development.

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Burma Center Prague: ready for the future

We have received the news that our web site has been archived by the Czech National Library. The condition for being accepted in the archive is that the content be considered relevant for preservation.

In the Web Archive’s words:

This website has been chosen by the National Library of the Czech Republic as a quality resource to be preserved for the future and become part of the Czech cultural heritage. It is archived several times a year and its record is included in the Czech National Bibliography and the National Library catalogue.

We are grateful and proud that we are able to contribute our share to the Czech cultural heritage and, aware of our responsibility, will continue to deliver best services drawing from our local support and helping the people of Burma.

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