Kyrgyzstan vs. Burma: 1-0

I just came across an interesting news report:

The Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva has launched what is hoped to be the first free election for a parliamentary republic in Central Asia, when she signed a decree setting the date for 10 October.

Here is something that Burmese leaders can learn about speed and precision. While the junta still leaves it up to rumors to convey the date of 10/10/2010 – absurdly considered an auspicious number by the anti-Christian leaders, even though these dates stem from Western culture and are calculated after Christ’s birth – the Kyrgyz people have simply made a decree and set the date.

In Burma, the pseudo-democratic elections might as well be in December. Or next year.

The only clear thing I can discover in the obscure matter of Burma’s upcoming elections is the junta’s message:

What does it matter anyway?

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