Burmese dictionary hits the 0.5m mark and counting

Our Burmese-English online dictionary has finally made it: The counter shows 505,309 search queries.

This little tool has started years ago as a spreadsheet table with English and Burmese vocabulary, followed by a transmutation into a searchable database with a frontend on the Web.

In terms of visitors, this might be the most successful output I’ve ever produced during my work for Burma. In terms of financial support, it happens to be the biggest failure. Foundations are pertinaciously reluctant to chip in for operation. I assume they don’t consider it attractive to fund the maintenance of something that already has been established with volunteering manpower. Where there is volunteers, there you see sponsors sneaking out, saving their money for well-established NGOs, guaranteed to be streamlined, low-risk, polished and presentable. “You wanna work for free? So go ahead and work full-time. Blame yourself!”

I would be glad if I could one day integrate this little gadget into a larger project, perhaps with a focus on particular target groups. But first of all, I have to find the time to update the words and put the software in shape.

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