The Burmese army opens fire on angry protesters and kills estimated three to six thousands. This incident has achieved sad fame as “8888”. A cryptic buzzword, made by insiders, limited to insiders.


This has happened today exactly twenty-two years ago. Quite a part of a human life.


I perceive the public interest sparked by this anniversary as close to zero. Something has happened somewhere. Most evidence consists of voices, traumatized survivors obsessed by their memories. Yet no tangible status of reality granted by Western society. Complacency at its worst. Something horrible has happened and people say: “aha”.

The massacre on 8/8/1988 in Burma.

The Slovak TV station TA3 has reported about the anniversary. In the Czech or Slovak speaking world there seem to be no other mentions.

After all these years, you still hardly find any images or films about the massacre. Those that I have seen are naturally terrible enough.

Somewhere I heard that these images are shut away for political reasons, using the pretext of copyrights.

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